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The Student Guide To Social Media

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My Graduate Trainee project last year involved record students explaining how and why they use social media to aid their studies. This project was just one part of a greater project which became The Student Guide To Social Media, a joint venture between the Universities of Leeds, Manchester and York which was launched for the 2013-14 academic year.

I didn’t do a dedicated post at the time of the launch, but now the Guide has been nominated for the Credo Reference Digital Award for Information Literacy 2014, I thought I should probably write about it as a way of rounding off this Graduate Trainee blog. The winners will be announced at the LILAC conference dinner on Thursday 24thApril; good luck to all the nominees.

As part of the application, Michelle had to gather evidence of the impact of The Student Guide To Social Media and it was interesting to see the different websites which had made mention of it. This one was particularly strange for me because I have never seen myself referenced before: According to this page, the Guide has been scooped 87 times, not that I know what that means:

This is the penultimate post which will be written on this blog (unless the Library reverses its decision and reinstates the Graduate Traineeship, then someone else might carry it on). The last post will be an introduction to another blog, which hasn’t been sorted out yet but I imagine it will appear between May-July. It will be of interest to librarians, graduate trainees and library students, as well as some other groups of people I hope (can’t say anything else yet)!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Oh no – is Leeds not having GTs next year? MMU has postponed as our site libraries are moving into one main library. The Gt prospects of the north are fading fast!


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