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2012-2013 Trainees

From January 2013, this blog was maintained by only the Edward Boyle Graduate Trainee.

The Edward Boyle Graduate Trainee – Carla

I was the Graduate Trainee for the Edward Boyle Library between October 2012 and July 2013, spending my mornings with the Customer Services team and my afternoons with the Science and Engineering Faculty Team. Unlike Sean, I had not worked for the University of Leeds’ Library Service before, or any other library service for that matter, but I did study here for the last three years as an undergraduate student. My course was History, which I selected firstly because I enjoy it, but also because I thought it would provide me with the appropriate skills to pursue a career in information services.


The Brotherton Graduate Trainee – Sean

I am the current Graduate Trainee at the Brotherton Library, spending my time equally between Customer Services and Special Collections.

I had worked in a number of roles at the Brotherton prior to taking up this post, and I was very pleased to be given the opportunity to further develop in the role of Graduate Trainee. I first identified my ambition to work in an academic library whilst studying towards a degree in Creative Music & Sound Technology – I aspired to work in an environment where individuals were actively encouraged and guided in their pursuit to further their own learning and growth.

Outside of work I am passionate about the Arts, with particular emphasis on locally produced music and musicology. I manage a not-for-profit audiovisual blog ( and co-manage a small independent record label, both of which allow me to engage with those interests in my spare time.

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