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2011-2012 Library Visits

Another part of our traineeship is organising visits to other libraries. We’re encouraged to approach places that differ in collections and size, to get a feel for the variation in Librarianship. It’s a great way to figure out our interests and where we see ourselves in the profession, not that we need an excuse to discover a new library!

We’ve written a little of what we found interesting on these excursions. We started locally with some smaller Leeds libraries, and popped over to Manchester for the University’s Deansgate and Main Libraries. In February 2012, we joined forces with the Leeds Metropolitan and Bradford Universities trainees and headed south to London for two days of library tourism. This was a great opportunity to see librarianship in its many forms, and get a feel for the job beyond academia.

Read about our visits to:

The Henry Moore Institute

The Thackray Medical Museum

The John Rylands Library: Deansgate

The John Rylands Library: Main Campus

City Business Library, London

City Law School, London

The British Library, St. Pancras

The House of Commons Library

The National Archives

The Imperial War Museum Film Archive

The Imperial War Museum Photograph Archive

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